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**SOLD** Transferable Iver Johnson M2 Enforcer Machine Gun Used


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This is a very scarce Iver Johnson Enforcer M2 fully automatic M2 SMG. The Iver Johnson carbines were manufactured almost exactly like the original WWII M2 carbines only they have a nicely blued finish and were usually fitted with new manufactured walnut stocks and handguards. This is a fairly rare example as it was originally manufactured as a fully automatic "M2" version of their M1 carbine. The top of the receiver is marked: "IVER JOHNSON ARMS/.30 CAL M2/JACKSONVILLE ARK." The left side of the receiver is marked with the SN and "BA" date code. It has the late production round blued bolt with a type II barrel band without a bayonet lug, GI type blade front sight and a adjustable rear sight. The stock appears to be the original from Iver Johnson made out of walnut. A nice example of a post war Iver Johnson M2 fully automatic Class III/NFA carbine. Firearm is on F3 ready for immediate e-file.

More information from the Iver Johnson Website:

U.S. law requires rifles to have a barrel length of no less than 16 inches and overall length of no less than 26 inches. The "Enforcer" model carbines fall short of both length requirements, making them pistols under both state and federal law. Because carbines (rifles) chambered for the .30 cal. carbine cartridge use the same receivers as the Enforcer models, all of which were .30 caliber carbine, the Enforcer model receivers must be identified/marked by the manufacturer as pistol receivers. Using a carbine receiver to construct a home made Enforcer makes it a "short-barreled rifle" and a felony to manufacture or possess without the licenses to do so from ATF.

The first "Enforcer" model carbines were introduced by Universal Firearms during the summer of 1963. They are marked with the word Enforcer on top of the receiver. Plainfield Machine introduced their "Super Enforcer" model in 1977. Although these carbine pistols bear the name of Plainfield Machine, they were introduced after Plainfield Machine's carbine assets were acquired by Louis Imperato in 1977 who changed the company name to Iver Johnson's Arms in 1978. The early Iver Johnson Enforcers and all of the Plainfield Machine Enforcers are designated as such by the marking PP-30 on top of the receiver ring.

With the change of the company name in 1978 Iver Johnson's Arms began all serial numbers with a two letter prefix. The prefixes assigned to the Super Enforcer models produced by Iver Johnson's Arms, throughout production, were specific to the Enforcer models. The PP-30 designation was no longer used on their receivers after about the first year of production.

  • Model: Enforcer
  • Manufactured by: Iver Johnson