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**SOLD** Transferable Steyr Aug Ballistics Machine Gun Used


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Steyr AUG Fully Transferable Machine Gun in 5.56mm. This Aug started out life as a semi-automatic and was converted to fully automatic back in the day by Ballistics. The registered receiver has been fitted into a standard modern stock and has a factory unmodified trigger pack installed. The trigger pack is selectable between fully automatic and 3 round burst. As many know, Aug's are outfitted with a unique trigger. The operator can shoot in semi-automatic mode with a normal trigger pull. When fully automatic fire is desired, the operator simply pulls the trigger past the semi-auto point. This point is a very distinct and tactile making changes between modes accurate and lighting fast. There is no selector lever involved.

The bullpup design allows for quick barrel / caliber changes and permits the use of a relatively long barrels without the compromise of overall long length.

This gun is currently on Form 3 ready for immediate e-file. Gun comes with one magazine, spare barrel, and a full gen 3/4 9mm kit.

From the Web: “The Steyr AUG is a selective-fire, bullpup weapon with a conventional gas-piston-operated action that fires from a closed bolt. It is designed as a Modular Weapon System that could be quickly configured as a rifle, a carbine, a sniper rifle, a sub-machine gun and even an open-bolt squad automatic weapon. The AUG employs a very high level of advanced firearms technology and is made with the extensive use of polymers and aluminum components. It is chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge and has the standard 1:9 rifling twist that will stabilize both SS109/M855 and M193 rounds. Some nations including Australia and New Zealand uses a version with a 1:7 twist optimized for the SS109 NATO round. The SMG versions are chambered for 9mm Parabellum. The AUG consists of six interchangeable assemblies: the barrel, receiver with integrated telescopic sight or Picatinny rail, bolt carrier assembly, trigger mechanism, stock and magazine.”

Manufacturer: Steyr / Ballistics Model / Generation: AUG Caliber: 5.56mm Type of Action: Semi / 3 Round Burst / Fully Automatic Barrel Length: 24” Type of Sites: Optical Types of Optics: Factory integrated optic Finish: Matte Black Material: Polymer / Aluminum / Steel Colors: Green / Black Magazine Capacity: 30 Accessories Included: (1) Factory Steyr 30 round magazine Special Features: Select fire, folding forward grip Condition: Excellent

  • Model: Aug
  • Manufactured by: Steyr