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*SOLD* Transferable Cobray "Street Sweeper" 12 Gauge DD *SOLD*

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Originating in South Africa as the Armsel Striker in the 1980s, the Cobray Street Sweeper rapidly found itself on the wrong end of legislative action, due to a combination of its positive features and menacing profile. Groove sight, with Cobray markings on the trigger group and "S/S INC./ATL, GA/ SS/12 GA./SH3827" around the winding key. The barrel is a polished blue, with an underside rail. Ribbed plastic pistol grips and a top-folding shoulder stock with rubber buttplate cover. NOTE: This weapon is classified by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as a "Destructive Device". This is a fully transferable NFA Class III Firearm currently on a Form 3 ready to transfer to your dealer. This gun is not being brokered and is owned and in the possession of Mockingbird Precision.

  • Model: Street Sweeper
  • Manufactured by: Cobray