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Leica Vector IV Range Finding Binoculars (Viper II) **Sold**

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Vector IV (Viper II) is a true binocular rangefinder with outstanding day optics, an integrated 3-dimensional, 350 degree digital compass and a precision, Class 1 eye-safe laser rangefinder. The Vector IV (Viper II) increases the range for distance measurements of up to 6 km. In addition, the 1064nm laser is invisible to image intensification devices, providing an added level of security.

Vector IV (Viper II) has been used a few times with excellent results. The image quality is unmatched combined with some of the best range finding technology out there.

The used kit comes with the binos, carrying bag, extended magnification adapter (makes the unit have 10x magnification) and sling.

MSRP $11,824.00

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  • Model: Vector IV (Viper II)
  • Manufactured by: Vectronix