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Nivisys Atilla-200 IR Laser


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For sale is a used good condition Atilla-200. Below are the unit specifications:

The ATILLA-200 is a covert infrared (IR) twin-laser aimer and illuminator for individual or crew-served weapons. The user may adjust ATILLA™s beam intensity to best suit the lighting condition, target contrast and range. The projected aiming beam may be selected as steady, fast or slow pulsing modes and a selectable illuminator provides a covert augmenting light for night vision operations in extremely dark environments.

In addition, the powerful illuminator beam can be narrowed to provide a target or point of interest to other NVG equipped personnel. The unique design of the ATILLA-200 ensures continued operation under heavy recoil.

The ATILLA-200 features: multiple aimer and illuminator mode selections, separate variable output power on aimer and illuminator and fail-safe/eye-safe training switches. Windage and elevation adjustments are designed with tactile feedback for every click. The ATILLA-200 also features an integrated MIL-STD-1913 mount system.

ITAR restricted and US only!

  • Model: Atilla-200
  • Manufactured by: Nivisys