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Insight/L3 MIPIM AN/ PEQ-16A

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The Mini Integrated Pointing Illumination Module (AN/PEQ-16A) is the latest generation of multi-function lasers from L3/ Insight Technology.  It incorporates all of the operator’s illumination/ targeting devices into a single unit, saving valuable real estate on the host weapon platform and decreasing weight.  The AN/PEQ-16A features an IR Laser Pointer, IR Illuminator, Visible Red Laser Pointer, and Visible LED White Light.

Currently issued in the USMC, the AN/PEQ-16A helps to consolidate the amount of “stuff” hanging off the hand guards of infantry weapons.  Able to be operated via a remote pressure switch or an onboard “fire” button, it uses the same battle-tested methods as the legacy systems.

The AN/PEQ-16A features the same style polymer construction as other L3/ Insight lasers.  Its durable housing meets MILSPEC and provides a relatively small footprint on the weapon.  The integrated thumbscrew mount is the same as found on the AN/PEQ-15, providing a strong lock-up to standard M1913 rail systems.  The same type of top-mounted dial is used for selecting the mode of operation as well.  Speaking of modes of operation, the AN/PEQ-16A has many.  The IR Laser, IR Illuminator, and Visible Laser are assembled together into a single rotary module.  The module can be rotated by hand to change the size of the IR illuminator’s beam.  One of the benefits of having all three targeting devices in the same module is that they are all better lined up.  The dial switch is used for selection of which mode/ configuration the AN/PEQ-16A will be operated in.  Note, the white light cannot be used at the same time as the lasers.  This is to help eliminate accidental white light discharge during no-light operations.  However, sometimes it is necessary to run a white light in conjunction with a laser system, so dual pressure pads will work with the AN/PEQ-16A for use with secondary light systems.

Manufacturer: Insight Technology NSN:5855-01-582-1584 Dimensions:4.1″(L) x 3.2″(W) x 1.7″(H) Weight:9.9 oz. Power:Two (2) CR123A 3-Volt Lithium Batteries Battery Life:1.25 Hours at Full Power Waterproof:6 Meters for One Hour Warranty:1 Year Warranty (From Mfg When Brand New)


IR Laser Class:IIIb IR Laser Output:0.6mW (Low), 25mW (High) IR Laser Divergence:0.5 mRad IR Laser Wavelength:820nm – 850nm IR Laser Range:600 Meters (Low), 2,000 Meters (High)


Vis. Class:IIIa Vis. Output:4.0 mW Vis. Divergence:0.5 mRad Vis. Wavelength:605nm – 665nm Vis. Range:25 Meters in Direct Sun

IR Illuminator Specs:

Class:IIIb Output:3.5mW (Low), 30mW (High) Divergence:1-105 mRad Wavelength:820nm – 850nm Range:600 Meters (Low), 2,000 Meters (High) White Light Specs: Lumens:100(Typ) Type:Incandescent


Unit Maintenance Manual, Two (2) 3V DL123A Lithium Batteries, Illuminator Diffuser x 3, Aiming Exit Port Cover x 3, Remote Cable Switch, Velcro Tape Fastener, black pouch & misc. other accessories seen in the photographs. Note that this listing is for a used unit without warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Requires State Department License for export as such is subject to ITAR regulations so US sales only. Sales are for qualified buyers only.

  • Model: PEQ-16A
  • Manufactured by: L3