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**SOLD** Transferable Factory Colt M16A1


Sold Out

From the personal collection of one of the owners is a very nice transferable factory Colt M16A1 with a 12.5" early (period correct) upper (nice bore) with the original AL folding stock. Stock retaining ring appears to have been staked in place at the factory because the anti corrosive factory paint is still intact. A different upper was fitted during ownership to preserve the period correct upper which was not used at all. Weapon has very light PD markings on the right side of the mag well (seen in picture). Approximately 1000 rounds have been fired since purchased (majority of this was .22LR) and there have been zero issues/malfunctions with the weapon. Additional pics are available on request.

  • Model: Transferable Colt M16A1
  • Manufactured by: Colt