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LMT L2D 12" 40mm Grenade Launcher


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M203 2003 Rail Mounted Grenade Launcher w/ 12" Barrel. This is currently in stock and ready for immediate transfer.


  • Proprietary Launcher designed for use with the LMT® (Lewis Machine & Tool) MRP® (Monolithic Rail Platform) and other 1913 / STANAG Rail Systems.
  • Suitable to handle the recoil of the 40mm round.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Field Removable.
  • Low-profile Design.
  • Twist Rate 1:48".

  • Additional Information

    This is a destructive device and requires all associated and applicable NFA paperwork.

    • Model: L2D
    • Manufactured by: Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT)

    Part Number L2D