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Tactical Solutions SBX Barrel

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Quick easy install and nice accuracy upgrade over stock. In stock and ready to ship!

The Tactical Solutions SB-X is a precision machined, lightweight barrel upgrade designed to easily fit the popular 10/22® without gunsmithing. The SB-X shortens the overall barrel length, giving the shooter the advantage of an SBR without the paperwork. X-Ring SB-X barrels have a bore length of 12.25” but an overall length of 16.5” due to the permanently attached shroud to house your suppressor.

Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, this .920 diameter barrel is essential for the serious shooter who demands accuracy. For a custom fit, the X-Ring SB-X barrel has an oversized shank to fit a vast array of 10/22® receivers. A 1 in 16” twist chrome moly button rifled barrel makes this an accurate and reliable choice for the 10/22® shooter.


6061 T-6 aluminum suppressor shroud and barrel allows you to attach a suppressor without increasing overall length.
Designed to fit all 10/22®receivers without gunsmithing.
Designed to easily fit all 10/22®receivers without gunsmithing.
½”-28 TPI threaded barrel to fit most rimfire suppressors.
All of the benefits of an SBR Barrel without any paperwork

  • Model: SBX-02
  • Manufactured by: Tactical Solutions