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Machine Gun Demonstrations

Machine Gun Demonstrations

Have you ever wanted to shoot a fully automatic machine gun but just didn't know the legal avenue to do it? Mockingbird Precision now offers personal demonstrations that can be configured to your budget depending on the weapons you would like to shoot. We offer a full line of post sample machine guns from the sub machine gun in 9mm to the full on battle rifle in 7.62mm or even a mini gun shooting 4,000 rounds a minute.

The most popular service revolving around our demonstrations is that we are able to fully mobilize to your private ranch and set up a fun filled weekend of shooting to impress even the most modest individual that will surly put a smile on everyone's face. On top of that, we also offer night vision / thermal packages that will keep everyone entertained through a weekend. Invite the parents or even your most liberal acquaintance to experience one of the most exhilarating feelings of sheer power!

Planning can take a couple of weeks so we ask that customers give us 3-4 weeks notice for our private events.

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