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Insight/L3 LA-5/PEQ ATIPAL


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High Power Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser

Manufacturer:L3/ Insight Technology


Dimensions:4.7″(L) x 2.8″(W) x 1.6″(H)Weight:7.5 oz. w/

BatteryPower:One (1) 3V DL123A

BatteryBattery Life:>3 Hours (Dual High)

Waterproof:6 Meters for One Hour

Laser Spec:—————————————————-

IR Laser Class:1 (Low), IIIB (High)IR Laser Output:0.6mW (Low), 25mW (High)IR

Laser Beam:0.5 mRad DivergenceIR Laser Wavelength:820nm – 850nmIR Laser Range:>600 Meters (Low), 2,000 Meters (High)

Visible Laser Spec:—————————————————-

Visible Laser Class:IIIR (Low), IIIB (High)Visible Laser Output:4.5mW (Low), 20mW (High)Visible Laser Beam:0.5 mRad DivergenceVisible

Laser Wavelength:625nm – 665nmVisible Laser Range:>150 Meters (Day), 2,000 Meters (Night)IR Illuminator Spec:—————————————————-

IR Illuminator Class:IIIR (Low), IIIB (High)IR Illuminator Output:3.0mW (Low), 80mW (High)IR Illuminator Beam:1-105 mRad DivergenceIR Illuminator Wavelength:820nm – 850nmIR Illuminator Range:>600 Meters (Low), 4,000 Meters (High)

Includes:Soft Carry Case, Operator’s & Unit Maintenance Manual, Quick Reference Card, One (2) 3V  Battery, Allen Wrench (3/32 Hex), Illuminator Diffuser, Aiming Exit Port Cover, Remote Cable Switch, Velcro Tape Fastener, Optical Pattern Generators

PLEASE NOTE: Requires State Department License for export as such is subject to ITAR regulations so US sales only. Sales are for qualified buyers only.

Note that the purchase is only for one used unit with a complete accessory pack as seen in the picture.

  • Model: LA-5
  • Manufactured by: Insight Technology