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Machine Gun & Beltfed Advanced Rambo Package w/ Tannerite*


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Advanced Rambo Package

The Advanced Rambo Package includes the following weapons:

Five (5) magazine fed sub machine guns in 9mm, three (3) magazine fed machine guns in light rifle calibers (such as 5.56mm), two (2) belt fed machine guns in rifle calibers (such as 5.56mm and 7.62mm), eight (8) one (1) lb Tannerite targets, and eight (8) two (2) lb Tannerite targets.

The basic package includes the following ammunition:

1000 rounds of 9mm and 2500 rounds of 5.56mm, 5.7x28mm, 7.62x39mm & 7.62x51mm. Additional ammunition will be billed at $.50 for 9mm, $.75 for 5.56mm / 5.7x28mm / 7.62x39 & $1.25 for 7.62x51

Also included are two cases of clay pigeon targets and 3 AR500 silhouette steel targets which will removed once the shoot has been completed.

Mileage will be billed at $1/mile and per diem will be $300 per Mockingbird Representative (typically 2 per shoot) unless accommodations are provided for at the location.

Planning can take a couple of weeks so we ask that customers give us 3-4 weeks notice for our private events.

*Notice that some ranges do not allow the use of Tannerite so this will only be included for outdoor ranges where applicable. It is highly recommended that a suitable background be in place so that rounds downrange do not impact anything that you do not wish to be destroyed. Mockingbird Precision will not be held responsible for land owners that do not provide a suitable location for demonstrations to eliminate property damage, injury or death. Shooters are expected to have basic firearm knowledge to understand trigger control and firearm safety. All shooters understand that firearms are dangerous and should be only discharged into a safe location.*

  • Model: Advanced Rambo Package
  • Manufactured by: Mockingbird Precision